Katherine Gold Mango

Katherine Gold mangoes are the tastiest and juiciest mangoes you can get your hands on. The Katherine Gold mangoes are Kensington Pride variety or better known as the ‘KP’, which are best known for their superior taste and aroma. When they are perfectly ripe they have a vibrant golden flesh offset with a pretty pink blush on the outer skin. Not only are they super delicious, they are also healthy and nutritious, rich in Vitamin C Vitamin A and dietary fibre.

The Northern Territory grows more KP mangoes than any other state in Australia due to sandy desert soils mixed with the famous top end climate that is perfectly suited to growing mangoes.

King’s Farms began in 1989 and was one of the first mango growers in the Katherine region. We grow more than 5 million mangoes every year. Because we are so committed to bringing you the best tasting Mangoes, we let the mangoes tell us when they are ready to be picked. Once they are ready, we have just 18 days to pick every single one and deliver them state to state into the homes of mango lovers all over our beautiful country . We pride ourselves on growing the highest quality, best tasting, juiciest KP mangoes you can buy. 

King's Honey

Here at King’s Farms, we couldn’t do what we do without the help of some of our hardest workers on the farm,  and we’re not talking about the human kind. Growing 5 million mangoes is only made possible by our resident friendly pollinators that go under the banner of King’s Bees.

Our bees are responsible for pollinating each flower on each of our mango trees which then eventually grow into our juicy Katherine Gold Mangoes. But not only do they pollinate every flower on every mango tree, they also produce 12 tonnes of pure Australian honey. When harvested, the raw honey comes out in a beautiful rich brown colour and captures the full essence of the mangoes unique sweetness. Whether it’s being the perfect match for a piece of fresh bread or any other cooking needs, we do know one thing, you will be constantly going back for more.

Desert Melons

When you think of summer in Australia, it’s hard not to think of digging into a fresh juicy watermelon. Whilst we are known for our top quality mangoes, when the mango season comes and goes we shift our focus to producing beautifully sweet watermelons. Here at King’s farms, we grow 4,500 tonnes of top quality seedless watermelons every year and ship them all over the country. All you need to do is slice one up and enjoy!

The Katherine Area

Katherine is the fourth largest settlement in the Northern Territory, located 320 kilometres south east of Darwin. Famous for where the tropics meets the desert, Katherine is situated on the banks of the Katherine River where tourists have for many years experienced the majestic cliff formations at the Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge.

With distinct wet and dry seasons, the annual rainfall is 980 mm. Daily temperatures reaching over 40 °C from late September to late November and as low as 7°C through the winter. All combined making the perfect climate to raise Australia’s best Mangoes.

King's Backyard Farming

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