Fruity Fundraisers

What is Fruity Fundraisers?

Do you need to raise much needed funds for your school, sports club, church or community group? We have an exciting way you can fundraise with minimal effort but still get amazing results. It’s called Fruity Fundraisers!

Leave the chocolate drives behind and give your community a healthy alternative, by on selling trays of juicy Katherine Gold mangoes directly from the farm in Katherine, Northern Territory.

Whatever you are raising funds for, we want to help you and your community achieve what you want to achieve by giving your community access to our fresh delicious fruit.

How it Works!

You can order and fundraise at any time of the year. You can spread the word through your community group, club or church to get their orders in. Your community members  can then pay you the nominated amount for a tray (or trays!) of mangoes and then. Once harvest time comes (Oct/Nov), the trays of mangoes will be delivered to your location where all the orders can be collected. You pay the farm the wholesale price for the mangoes, and then the difference from the orders goes straight to where you need it most.

Why choose Fruity Fundraisers?

One of the many benefits of Fruity fundraisers, is that you are dealing directly with the locally owned farm in Katherine, NT. Katherine is home to the best quality mangoes grown in Australia so you know your community will be eager to get their hands on theirs.

We know it’s a much more fun and healthy alternative to your traditional fundraisers and because  it’s a little bit different to regular fundraisers, it is much easier for your community members to rope in their family and friends to grab a tray of mangoes as well.

How do we get started?

Whether you are wanting to get started on your fundraising journey, or if you just would like a little more information on how Fruity Fundraisers can benefit your community, register your details below and we will be in touch.

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